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Flu Shot Voucher

Flu season is here! Get a free flu shot today and avoid getting sick this season. Provided by the Independent Drivers Guild.

Getting your flu shot is an important step in lowering your chances of getting the flu this season and helps to keep your immune system strong to prevent potential complications.

Getting your free flu shot is this easy:

1. Confirm you are a Drivers Benefits Member.

    • If you are already a member or think you might be, call us at 855-979-1445.
      • Our member services team will confirm your membership and can send your flu shot voucher via email.
    • If you are not a member, sign up using the enrollment form below (don’t forget to check off that you would like a flu shot):

                        Enroll now and request your free flu shot  

 2. Check your email inbox (and your spam!)

    • Once you sign up and requested a flu shot voucher, we’ll send it to you in 2 business days.
    • If you don’t see it in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder!

3. Go to your local Rite Aid to use your free flu shot voucher!

    • Print your voucher or simply show your voucher on your phone to receive your free flu shot.
    • Optional: You can save time in the Rite Aid by filling our your flu shot consent forms ahead of time and bringing them with you:
    • Remember: You must always wear a face covering whenever you enter a Rite Aid.

Find the Rite Aid closest to you below:

Provided by the Independent Drivers Guild

Promo Details

  • Flu shot vouchers expire 12/31/2020
  • Only one valid per driver, only for use of Drivers Benefits Members
  • Limited while supplies last

Are you already a Drivers Benefits Member? Not sure?

 Give us a call at 855-979-1445 

Our friendly benefits specialists can help you in 150 languages!

What Else Can I Get Through Drivers Benefits?

Getting a free flu shot is just the start of what Drivers Benefits can do for you! Take advantage of the other services we offer to keep you healthy.

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