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Driver Support

Stressed out? We can help. Drivers Benefits members can speak with a licensed professional for free in their language by secure online video, through the MDLIVE App. Offered by MDLIVE and paid for by The Black Car Fund.

What is Driver Support?

Driver Support is access to free 45-minute sessions with licensed professionals via phone and video to Drivers Benefits members, through MDLIVE. These professionals will listen to any problems you are facing and help you work through them. They can help you address:

  • Stress about work, money, etc.
  • Worry or concern over major life changes
  • Sadness over a loss
  • Issues with family
  • Feelings of panic
  • Working through addictions
  • And more

Who Qualifies

  • Drivers Benefits members are able to use Driver Support, thanks to The Black Car Fund
  • Not a Drivers Benefits member yet? No problem! To start using your benefits, you’ll just need to provide some basic information, like your name and Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) license number OR your drivers license. Activate your benefits here. 


How to Use This Benefit

Driver Support allows you to select the professional you’d like to work with and schedule a time to speak with them within 3-5 days of your request. Driver Support is not an immediate service and should not be used for emergencies.*

  1. First, make sure you activate your MDLIVE account by calling 1-833-814-8590 or go online to activate your MDLIVE account.
  2. Download the MDLIVE App (Google, Apple) or go online to schedule an appointment.
    • Select “Therapy Counseling” at the prompt.
    • Complete the health history questions
    • Under “Find a Therapist”, you can:
      • Sort by language, availability, or specialty
      • Pick the therapist you’d like to use and pick your appointment slot.
    • Confirm your appointment
  3. When it’s time for your appointment, you’ll receive a text message with the link to the platform.
  4. After your appointment, schedule a follow-up!
    • Select the same therapist, or find a new one!

*If you are in need of immediate counsel, please call NYC Well at 1-888-692-9355.

Need help with translation? 

Call us at 1-833-814-8590 and Drivers Benefits can connect you with a translator to help schedule your appointment, and MDLIVE will provide a translator to interpret during your therapy session. 


Why Use Driver Support?

Driver Support allows you to address your concerns with a professional, for free, in a convenient and private setting so that you can manage feelings of stress, deal with lifestyle changes, or simply get help coping with you day-to-day problems.


Other Resources

Drivers in the New York City area can also take advantage of the in-person counseling services offered at the IDG Wellness and Counseling Center in Woodside, Queens. Their counselors also provide help with applying for financial resources and public benefits like food stamps, health insurance or housing, etc. Our call center can help you learn more, call them at 1-833-814-8590!

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